Familee Tourz, LLC

Familee Tourz, LLC, is a Maryland-based limited liability company which provides travel to and from the BOP and Correctional Institutions. Familee Tourz (FT) pride ourselves with being the link that reunites families with their loved-one(s) whom are unfortunate victims of involuntary servitude. We believe that even though some of their civil liberties have been compromised due to incarceration . . . the liberty of seeing their families, spouses and friends will not only aid with reform and enhance their self worth, but also bring joy and appeasement to all parties involved who are affected by time and separation from a loved-ones detainment.

FT’s commitment and focus is to provide safe, affordable, fun travel to and from institutional facilities in clean, comfortable modern motor coaches. We recognize that these are tough economic times and even though our hearts may want to travel each day to visit our loved ones, bills and financial obligations are the harsh realities which can stymie a visitors efforts. The stress of self-travel comes with driver fatigue after a long joyous visit, which can render a visitor with extreme physical exertion while returning home. And that is a recipe for a tragic outcome.

So . . . FT welcomes you aboard. Relax in  a comfortable seat behind an experienced driver. Enjoy some of the new released DVD’s while snacking on some of our complimentary refreshments. Enjoy the scenic view while either engaging in casual conversation or entertain yourself with your laptop, phone or electronic devise that helps with your travel.

And last, but not least . . . we haven’t left out the most important part of your travel: Food! :-) Included with your ticket purchase are both breakfast and dinner open buffet dining at either Ryan’s, Old Country Buffet, Iron Skillet, Teppanyaki Grill, or any one of the buffet diners we offer that provides good food and customer service.

We want your experience with us to be impressive as we would love to be your means of travel for future visitation. We know you can never get a second chance to make a first impression.

We thank you in advance. We wish you a comfortable and safe trip with us and we wish your loved-one(s) ( whom are being detained) a safe return home soon. Because here at Familee Tourz, LLC . . . you are NOT a customer, YOU ARE FAMILY!!